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Bihu SMS

Bihu, which is one of the revered festivals of Assam, is a set of three diverse festivals and all of them are celebrated during three different times of the year. One of them is Bhogali Bihu which is also called as harvesting festival and is specifically celebrated in Assam. Each of the three Bihu is observed to celebrate different spirits of the festival. Bihu word has originated from the word Bishu, which is an Assamese word and it refers to as peace and prosperity.

The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and people enjoy dancing and festival during the whole time span. There are a number of songs related to Bihu and to the tunes of these songs a variety of dances are performed by people all across the state. The most loved of the three Bihu is the Rongali Bihu which is believed to mark the beginning of a New Year and on this day people wish each other though different mediums. One very popular ways of wishing your loved ones is through SMS. So, here we have presented with some heart warming Bihu SMS through which you can wish your loved ones.

Happy Bihu SMS
  • Fill the heart with zeal and excitement! Leave the darkness and get only enlightenment! Celebrate the spirit of Bihu with love and happiness in hearts!! Happy Bihu!
  • Here is this day to enjoy the spirit of festivity and dance with jog and merriment! Keep up the zeal to live and love with this celebratory moment! Happy Bihu!
  • With this festival of Assam, here you will be beginning a new year and a new journey of life! Happy Bihu!
  • Dance, Sing, Love, Love and Laugh with the beginning of yet another Asamese new year!! God Bless you on this festival of Bihu!!
  • May God Bestows upon all the success and fulfilment with this festival of Bihu!
  • May this festival brings in more and more colours in your life and fulfils all your dreams. May you touch the heights of the sun and feel the warmth of the sun with the beginning of this festival. Happy Bihu!!
  • I wish all the happiness that you deserve falls into your life with the beginning of New Year the celebration of Bihu. Happy Bihu!!
  • B stands for Bond, I stand for Integrity, H stands for Humanity and U stands for Unity. With the celebration of BIHU, it instils the spirit of all these four elements. Enjoy ad be proud to be a part of celebration of Bihu. Happy Bihu
  • Wishing you all the success and fun on this festival! Dance and sing and be a king! With Joy in hearts celebrate this moment of ecstasy.
  • May you get all the happiness and prosperity, self –reliance and the power to fight the evil inside and outside! Happy Bihu!!