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Bihu Quotes

Bihu is one of the most significant festivals of Assam and is not related to any religious belief. The festivals are celebrated by most of the parts of the state irrespective of the caste and religion to which they belong to. Bihu festival is of three types; the first among the three is the Bohag Bihu which is celebrated in the month of April, the second one is Kati Bihu which is celebrated in the month of October/November and the last one is the Magh Bihu, celebrated in the month of January. This colourful festival brings with it a lot of merriment and fervour into people’s heart crossing all the religious barriers. And, so in order that the spirit of celebration gets enhanced, people wish each other through various means Bihu messages, Bihu wishes, Bihu quotes. One of them is the Bihu Quotes which is a significant means of wishing your loved ones on the festival celebration of Bihu.

Here are some of the Bihu Quotes for the convenience of the user:
  • On this auspicious festival of Bihu, Let’s connect to the almighty and fire up the fire to fulfil all your desires. Let’s burn all the hateful inside and start it off afresh with an optimistic frame of mind and reach the pinnacle of success.
  • Here is this beautiful festival with the beautiful spring!! Kill those negative wishes with positivity in whatever you aspire. Those moments of anguish can be burnt by bringing in love and joy in the hearts.
  • Altogether new hope, new beginning and new aspirations can be brought to you with an aspiration for travelling to a new destination in life, from, sorrow to happiness , from pain to pleasure.
  • The beginning of a new life for you may be a mystery of life but it will come open-handedly to you with the festival of this great v8ibrant festival. It’s the love-laden blessing that brings forth happiness in the past, future and present.
  • This vibrant festival of joy and love opens up for you the window that lets you see beautiful birds flying in the sky so high. This is the time you can wish for a wishful life and give wings to your dreams so as to get fulfilled all of your desires.
  • Bihu is indeed a festival which is the reason for many out there to smile in this stressful world. This is for sure going to bring to you a shower of joy and merriment. The festival brings you closer to your loved ones and connects hearts.
  • With the start of the Northward Journey of the Sun, the world gets filled with happiness!! A promise of a good harvest the festival of Bihu brings with it.
  • The vibrant brightness of the sun, and the happiness of the season makes life shine brighter then the starts and shinier than the Sun itself. The fragrance of the season gets so much deeper into the heart so as to vanish all the pains of life.
  • The thoughts that we hold, hold us!! This festival of Bihu is so much pleasant that you will get a sense of happiness in your heart coming out from somewhere spontaneously. It is the Sun’s bright light that lights it all!!
  • Look for pleasure, look for life, and look for smile that will spread through your life!! Bihu is one of such festival which empowers with all the power.